Centigrade 37

Things are back on track over here after a long break from pinball work. The blanks for Centigrade 37 are cut, inserts are being glued in and soon, they will be sanded, sealed and ready for printing. You will notice the lack of green and yellow inserts. This is because the supplier who makes these is no longer stocking the opaque colorants for inserts. The inserts will be screened with yellow and green as needed. I have done this before and it looks and works just fine. These are also an unusual size, 7/8″.IMG_8340

prototype in mdf, cut on both side with revision notes



Sanded and sealed blanks below.

C37 blanks sanded sealed


Jack in the Box / Jumping Jack boards are cut.

Boards have been approved and I will begin shipping next week. IMG_8042Printing is finally done on these. I will be adding clear next week and running all the drilling and through cuts. Thank you for your patience, it always takes longer than I expect.

IMG_7968I am in the process of gluing inserts. The test cuts and test film are looking good.  After the inserts are all glued in, they will be sanded flush to the wood and then sealed before printing begins. The drilling is already completed on the backside.IMG_7937IMG_7934IMG_7933

Sky Jump is started and update.

Sky Jump is approved and I will begin shipping this Friday the 5th. Thank you all for sticking with me through this, your boards will be on the way to you soon.

Many of you may have been wondering what has been going on with Sky Jump. Well, I have some done but there was a huge issue with many of them and I will need to reprint the damaged boards. I made the mistake of using a different sealer around the inserts. After I applied the lacquer clear, a terrible reaction occurred which caused wrinkles and lifting in the ink. The only solution is to sand them back down, reseal them, and reprint them. This is the first time I have encountered this and lesson learned. Just when I thought I was done with these, ouch.

 I am finishing up the boards that I consider good and if you are on the mailing list for these, I will send out an update in the next few days. I am sorry for the delays, I am pretty bummed out over this.IMG_7859


I am in the process of gluing in inserts and drilling the backside of Sky Jump playfields.

The test cuts look good and so does the blackline test.


Atlantis printing in progress.

printing doneatlantis-progressThis is finally happening! Here are some photos of more test films and sample cuts and, the real blanks being cut for inserts. If you have contacted me about Atlantis, I will be sending out an update soon.  Also, I will be at Pin A Go Go this Saturday.  http://pinagogo.org/ 

5/19 update.  all the inserts are glued in and all the backside drilling is completed.

5/29 update. inserts are all leveled and I will begin sealing the boards and prepping them for printing. I expect to start printing in 7-10 days.

6/29 update. printing is finally started. photos coming soon.

7/13 update. printing is completed. Clear coating is next and then all the final drilling and cutting.

blackline test cuts inserts gluedAtlantis insert holes only

Atlantis test cuts are dialed in

I am a bit behind on Knock Out but I have made some progress on Atlantis. Don’t worry, Knock Out boards are cut with inserts glued in and printing  begin soon. While the Knock Outs are being printed, cutting will begin on Atlantis. I am still waiting on some more inserts for Atlantis but I have enough to get things started. I am happy to be back to work on playfields.